Machine Learning for Personalised and Predictive Medicine

We apply machine learning techniques to a wide variety of data, ranging from clinical to OMICS data. Our main aim is to support clinical and translational research by extracting knowledge from data and developing prediction models.

Key Projects


Selected Publications

  • P. Berjano, F. Langella, L. Ventriglia, D. Compagnone, P. Barletta, D. Huber, F. Mangili, G. Licandro, F. Galbusera, A. Cina, T. Bassani, C. Lamartina, L. Scaramuzzo, R. Bassani, M. Brayda-Bruno, J.H. Villafañe, L. Monti, L. Azzimonti: “The Influence of Baseline Clinical Status and Surgical Strategy on Early Good to Excellent Result in Spinal Lumbar Arthrodesis: A Machine Learning Approach.” J. Pers. Med., vol. 11(12):1377, 2021. (link)

  • F. Bini, A. Pica, L. Azzimonti, A. Giusti, L. Ruinelli, F. Marinozzi, P. Trimboli: “Artificial intelligence in thyroid field. A comprehensive review.” Cancers, vol. 13(19), 2021. (link)

  • G. Halasz, M. Sperti; M. Villani, U. Michelucci, P. Agostoni, A. Biagi, L. Rossi, A. Botti, C. Mari, M. Maccarini, F. Pura, L. Roveda, A. Nardecchia, E. Mottola, M. Nolli, E. Salvioni, M. Mapelli, M. A. Deriu, D. Piga, M. Piepoli: “Predicting outcomes in the Machine Learning era: The Piacenza score a purely data driven approach for mortality prediction in COVID-19 Pneumonia”, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Vol. 23, No. 5, 2021.

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  • C. de Lalla, A. Rinaldi, D. Montagna, L. Azzimonti, M.E. Bernardo, L.M. Sangalli, A.M. Paganoni, R. Maccario, A. Di Cesare-Merlone, M. Zecca, F. Locatelli, P. Dellabona, G. Casorati: “Invariant Natural Killer T-cell reconstitution in pediatric leukemia patients given HLA-haploidentical stem cell transplantation defines distinct CD4+ and CD4- subset dynamics and associates with the remission state”, The Journal of Immunology, vol. 186, no. 7, 4490–4499, 2011. (link)


Dr. Laura Azzimonti

Senior Researcher and Lecturer at IDSIA with affiliation to MeDiTech

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