Swiss Pandemic & AMR - Health Economy Awareness Detect (SPEARHEAD)

Funded by Innosuisse - Swiss Innovation Agency


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is the ability of microorganisms (e.g. bacteria) to prevent antimicrobials (e.g. antibiotics) from working against them. As a result of this phenomenon, many treatments are becoming ineffective against infections that were previously easily treatable. AMR constitutes a “silent pandemic” and according to some projections could potentially lead to 10M deaths globally by 2050.

SPEARHEAD has put together a large and diverse consortium, with the aim of leveraging lessons learnt from COVID-19 response to tackle antimicrobial resistance at many levels. For its data-driven part, the project focuses on bacterial urinary trait infections and antibiotic treatments.

IDSIA will produce machine learning models to support clinicians in optimizing use of antibiotics (optimal use is only in necessary cases and by means of narrow-spectrum antibiotics). The models will be accessible through a user-friendly web interface: clinicians will insert patient characteristics and receive model-driven suggestions for use or not use of antibiotic and, in case of use, what antibiotics are the most suitable.